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AEC Argyle Arc Large Zip Tote Bag

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Sporty, preppy and playful premium collection. A BIG size TOTE that can store enough luggage for one night. It will make your trip, sports, and outdoor outings stylish. There are many pockets and the storage surface is also.

Main opening and closing part: Zipper Front: Zippered pocket x 4 Back (inside): Pocket x 5 Key: None

size vertical beside Gusset handle shoulder
F. 35 46 twenty four 50 88-142

More about Arc En Ciel Collection

Limited, lively, and luxurious – welcome to Arc En Ciel, a special new product line from LeSportsac. Born from optimism, color and lightness, and created in partnership with Jack Carlson, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Rowing Blazers, the newest LeSportsac collection — features our iconic rip-stop nylon styles in bright colors, premium hardware, and delightful threads of nostalgia.

Collection : ARC EN CIEL
Color : Argyle Arc Print
Style : 3891_G93O