We are 50 years old this year, and we’re thrilled to mark our anniversary by launching a collaboration with one of our favorite luxury fashion houses,Libertine. With their exuberant, one-of-a-kind clothes, they are the perfect partner for this yin yang-mash-up, and the collection is available now! We got to chat withCreative Director and Founder of Libertine,Johnson Hartig, to hear which are his favorites from the collection and what inspires him on the daily as a designer.

1. Why did you decide to collaborate with LeSportsac?

JH: LeSportsac is an innovative, iconic brand, so a partnership with them was a perfect fit. We were looking to move into a wider market space and so putting our joyful brand of patterns on their practical but stylish bags was an easy decision.


2. Which is your personal favorite of the collection?

JH: I think the Boat Totes or one of the Johnny Go Lightly. They are chic enough for the red carpet, but functional enough for travel or the gym. 


3. Name three essentials in good design:


1. A willingness to break rules

2. A considered aesthetic

3. Courage to be provocative

4. Name your top 3 style icons:


1. Playwright Jean Cocteau

2. Artist Salvador Dalì

3. Art Collector Peggy Guggenheim

5. How do you stay inspired?

JH: It can be challenging in today's world but travel, reading, and learning new things.


6. You’ve conquered fashion, what’s next for Libertine?

JH: We are moving into the world of home interiors. We already have wallcoverings and fabrics, but we have so many more fun projects with rugs, tabletop, bedding. Anything for the home– LIBERTINIZED.

7.  Name your 3 favorite books:


1. In Youth is Pleasure, Denton Welch

2. English Country Houses by Vita Sackville-West

3. To the One I Love Best, Ludwig Bemelmans


8. Favorite Movie:


1. Orpheus

2. Harold and Maude

3. After Love